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About Us

At Meridian College we:

  • have a holistic approach to education and therefore focus on the academic, physical, cultural and spiritual aspects of education;
  • aspire to provide the best in education;
  • aspire to achieve excellent results;
  • develop and grow the leaders of tomorrow;
  • offer a secure, friendly and safe environment;
  • offer a wide range of academic and commercial subjects;
  • employ highly qualified and dedicated teachers;
  • offer career guidance and counselling;
  • foster values of caring and mutual respect;
  • believe in small class groups;
  • believe in good discipline;
  • have colleges in Pretoria, Pietersburg and Rustenburg registered with the Department of Education (Gauteng, Northern Province and Northwest).


  • to engender a climate of goodwill, enthusiasm, dedication and co-operation;
  • to stimulate and motivate the learners to obtain education and life skills necessary to guide the learners towards responsible adulthood and to take their rightful place in society.


Meridian College is a full-time private school launched in 1991 to meet the growing demands for education of a high standard.

Meridian College Rustenburg has established itself as one of the top private schools in North West Province.

The college aims to equip each student with the knowledge and self-confidence necessary for a successful adult life in an ever-changing South Africa.

The teachers at Meridian College Rustenburg are committed, dedicated and fully qualified to give the students a solid education in a disciplined environment.

The school is an English Medium School where English First Language, Afrikaans Second Language, Setswana First Language (Grade 12) and English Second Language (Grade 12) are taught.


We are registered with the North West Department of Education and we follow the syllabi of the Educational Department and work according to all the OBE requirements and principles. The Grade 12 learners usually do very well and for the 5 th consecutive year we received a Certificate of Merit for outstanding Grade 12 results in North West from the Department of Education.

Our student leaders are very important at Meridian. Qualified counsellors help us with leadership identification and development programmes. The Foundation Trust has invited some of our Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 learners to their leadership camps at Eduland every year and equips them with valuable life skills. The Grade 10 leaders collected old clothes and distributed them among the needy in Mogwase and Tlhabane.

During the year various grades go on educational trips. We have an Entrepreneurs\\\\\\\' Day where learners taking commercials subjects carry out in practise what they have learned. The learners are allowed to keep all the profits that they make on this day. Various prizes are allocated to the entrepreneurs. We also have a yearly fête to raise funds to buy more computers

Our junior and senior soccer teams play various matches during the year against neighbouring schools and do very well. Our Grade 1 - 3 students take part in Play ball and are taught by one of their very skilful facilitators once a week. During club periods our students learn to play chess, paint, do paper machè, mosaic, play netball and soccer, learn about first aid and the Chat Club equips our Grade 8 students with important Life Skills.

This year our computer centre was in full function for grade 1 - 6 and grade 10 - 12 students, but one of our aims for 2004 is to buy more computers and more programmes and to equip the grade 7 - 9 students also with computer skills. Our laboratories were upgraded in 2003, and our Biology and Science students are now able to do nearly all the experiments that are required

Each year our Prize Giving Ceremony is one of the highlights on our school calendar. It is a glamorous event attended by all the parents of the learners who receive awards. Our guests of honour include representatives of the Educational Department, Business People and Representatives from Meridian Head Office. The Director of Meridian College International also awards every year 11 bursaries to the best academic student in each grade for the next year. Book prizes, medals and trophies are awarded to achievers. A Matric Farewell is held at the end of each year and it is a very exciting event for all the matrics.


During HIV / AIDS awareness week we have aids commemoration and lighting of candles. A coin laying is held to raise funds for the HIV / AIDS home for children. Each class has its own programme on HIV / AIDS.

Meridian College Rustenburg is the answer to your educational needs !!  

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